Friday, November 14, 2008

FRIDAY! TGIF Nov, 14 2008

Breakfast Specials: Lunch Specials:
~Pumpkin Pancakes ~Veggie Lasagnia
SS:$3.50 Full:$450 w/ side of bread $5.95
~Pumpkin Bread ~Bowl of Beef Barley Soup
SS:$3.75 Full:$4.75 w/ side of bread $4.95
~Steak & Cheese Oml ~Homemade Mac&Chze
w/ mushrooms and onions w/side of bread $4.95
served with toast and h.f. ~1/2 cold sandwitch with cup of beef soup
$6.25 $5.50
~Meatloaf and Eggs
w/ Toast and H.F.

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