Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Since I got back from Florida, i have gotten many calls, emails personnel encounters from my wonderful friends...(trackteams?) I was told that when we parted company from the restaurant, that NOTHING would change, the new owners LOVED the feel of the place, and they would continue on with the way things were, employees, ambience, etc...
Im sorry its different now, but i did what i could in trying to explain everything in place, and why...Its a tough place to run, because it has its own path, and one has to get on the path and follow the ques of the people! I am sure once they get all there things in order, it will be awesome! IT will be more of a "train-station" atmosphere, and it will be very organized! Have patience, and it will be a fun place to go.
On a different note, some of my artwork will be at the childrens room at the Exeter Library, and at my new store in Newmarket! The store will be open in a couple weeks, i still have so much work to do there!
Dont hesitate to email ( call,
I miss y'all! Pattie

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is where I'll be, this will be my new ART SUPPLE STORE From pallet to pallette? 102 main st Newmarket! Be watching,,,

Monday, February 16, 2009

Trackteam's "last supper"

Chelsea getting ready for the next day.... Kenny and Brit, King cook and his court
Owen, All around back-up, and always with a smile! Great energy Owen, thanks for being there for what ever position we needed. ! You rock dude!!

Ski-bert! This man can out eat anybody! Where does he put it?
Nice rack o' ribs there buddy!

We went to the 99 last night, Heather couldnt make it, and i think Pat was hiding! But we had fun...It was the least we could do for our awesome gang.

I will miss the comradory(sp?) But hoping to loose a few pounds!

I will be taking my art to Newmarket, i will have a small art supply store, and we'll see what goes from there! I will keep posting here, so if you'all want details...when i have them, you will know it! Here are some pictures from last night.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

tee shirts
If anybody wants a tee shirt, this is where you can get asked,,,
Let me know what you think...
;-) Pattie

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day...

Our final day of operation, please come him and meet the new owners! I want them to feel very comfortable, and i want it to be a fun transfer. I have to look at this as, "this was the plan" even though...I really had some fun ideas...but so do the Cross's. And they also want to hear what people have to say...
I think they can improve on so many things that i just couldnt get a handle on. My artistic brain, just wants to have fun,,,
I will continue to post here, to let people no what i am doing in life, and Chelsea as well.....Like I think i am opening an Art supply store in Newmarket.
Anyway, More later! Happy Valentine's Day!