Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Since I got back from Florida, i have gotten many calls, emails personnel encounters from my wonderful friends...(trackteams?) I was told that when we parted company from the restaurant, that NOTHING would change, the new owners LOVED the feel of the place, and they would continue on with the way things were, employees, ambience, etc...
Im sorry its different now, but i did what i could in trying to explain everything in place, and why...Its a tough place to run, because it has its own path, and one has to get on the path and follow the ques of the people! I am sure once they get all there things in order, it will be awesome! IT will be more of a "train-station" atmosphere, and it will be very organized! Have patience, and it will be a fun place to go.
On a different note, some of my artwork will be at the childrens room at the Exeter Library, and at my new store in Newmarket! The store will be open in a couple weeks, i still have so much work to do there!
Dont hesitate to email ( call,
I miss y'all! Pattie