Monday, February 16, 2009

Trackteam's "last supper"

Chelsea getting ready for the next day.... Kenny and Brit, King cook and his court
Owen, All around back-up, and always with a smile! Great energy Owen, thanks for being there for what ever position we needed. ! You rock dude!!

Ski-bert! This man can out eat anybody! Where does he put it?
Nice rack o' ribs there buddy!

We went to the 99 last night, Heather couldnt make it, and i think Pat was hiding! But we had fun...It was the least we could do for our awesome gang.

I will miss the comradory(sp?) But hoping to loose a few pounds!

I will be taking my art to Newmarket, i will have a small art supply store, and we'll see what goes from there! I will keep posting here, so if you'all want details...when i have them, you will know it! Here are some pictures from last night.

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