Monday, December 15, 2008

We are still running!

Sitting at the Trackside, where we have the internet and cable, and all those other things...but home does not! We also said good bye to Brian today and it was really sad! (Our cook)... So people please bare with us while we try to adjust to the changes, We really want it to work, and we are doing everything to make things good, if not better!

It was a great weekend, and i am glad we were here for the hungry cold, tired people, because you made us forget that we were hungry cold and tired! It is Monday night and we still have no power at home,,,

We also learned that one of our regulars passed away, and that is really sad...we still dont know the details, but in the big picture, our sidetracked/Trackside Family has suffered some things this past week.

We did meet alot of new faces, and we hope they come back. Not because they have to, but because they want to.! Thanks to the people that came to my "open house"/fallout shelter the other night! It was a great distraction! I am going to post some pictures of the road i live, and some of our friends at the Trackside! Thanks for reading, and remember the TRACKLINE!


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